Friday, July 9, 2010

Now or never

Always ask for pardon,
Sorry works better than please,
Ask and you will receive
A maybe.
Do and be damned,
But at least its done.
The world divides
Between those who do
And those who ask.

Always look forward
And never look back
Dont wait for lots wife
She's gone off track.

The world will belong
To those on song
Join the doers and rushers
Avoid the penpusher.

Do it now
Do it quick
Enbrace regrets
For all we did.

Better tears for efforts made
Than regrets for nothing done.

If you wait
For the blessing
From all around
The train will leave
Chatting on a wasted platform
Another wasted chat
What might have been
Had we the guts
And the single mind.

Oh yes,
In years to come
We can forgive
And be forgiven.

If we get across the river
Deep and dangerous
And live to tell the tale
To hushed crowds
Who kiss our human feet
Willing to forget
That we once shared
Their uncertainty.

pmm nuevedejulio

Giving for living

At Whiterock in Killiney Bay
A lonesome saxaphonist fills the early sunny winter morning

In gving we're living
Making, not taking
Leaving home we return
Leaving self we arrive
In reaching out
We touch inside.

The ecstasy of giving
No longer blind
Now we see.

The selfless gene
Without fear or favour
Not lending but giving
A promise, once given
Is a bond forever
And ever.

pmm nuevedejulio

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The gift of another day

Things I took for granted
Are things that I wanted
But never were scarce
Were always there

The water tap dripping
The uneaten meals
Food rotting in fridges
While half the wrold starving.

Should we bake a bigger cake
Or smaller slices make?
Are we ready, are we able
To live off crumbs from the table?

To live in convent silence
May seem to abandon sense
But nothing is more real
As the fight twixt good and evil

pmm ochodejulio

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To hill of Howth
Cross Dublin Bay
From brassy Bray
June's longest day

More than rides and slides
And candyfloss
The onioned town
Shows its many petticoats.

Stony shore and pebbled beach
Ocean smells within our reach
picnic now on meagre kitty
No turning back, Escape the city,

Working men, on workmans wages
Stumbling kids at different stages
Accents drawn across the sea
Wafts of Spain and Italy.

Ireland's blessing
Dublin's treasure
On a clear day
None can measure.

Suburban lung
And natures gate
Heathered hills
Above stonied state,

Blemished and chrished
Like middleaged lover
With seas for her content
And hills for her cover

Surly and burly
Never say sorry
Be who you are
Ne'er flurry nor hurry

Vikings and planners
You don't give a toss
They come and they go
You're still the boss.

pmm sietedejulio