Thursday, April 6, 2017

Goodbye to all that

We ate and drank
We slept and sat
Raped and shat
Our only world

Funny now that
An awful orange man
Will haste our exit
Like a stern vet.

Happily perhaps
Our pain will not prolong
As nature takes nature's revenge
Quickly, increasingly
Measured now in years not ages.

Is God weeping tears on his throne
Or has he half forgotten
The willful sons of eve
The stubborn hearts of Adam?

Is it time for God to reinvent
A less willful race
And temper progress
To a slower pace?

Will sentient being die?
Will the starry universe
Fall silent once again
Save for crashing stars?

Is this the end foreseen
Two thousand years ago
By prophets seeing the end
But not the means.

Blessed be the God of silence
Who could not save us from ourselves.
Creating galaxies but unable
To really rescue man.

Blessed be his holy name
Unspoken now, our shane.

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