Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To hill of Howth
Cross Dublin Bay
From brassy Bray
June's longest day

More than rides and slides
And candyfloss
The onioned town
Shows its many petticoats.

Stony shore and pebbled beach
Ocean smells within our reach
picnic now on meagre kitty
No turning back, Escape the city,

Working men, on workmans wages
Stumbling kids at different stages
Accents drawn across the sea
Wafts of Spain and Italy.

Ireland's blessing
Dublin's treasure
On a clear day
None can measure.

Suburban lung
And natures gate
Heathered hills
Above stonied state,

Blemished and chrished
Like middleaged lover
With seas for her content
And hills for her cover

Surly and burly
Never say sorry
Be who you are
Ne'er flurry nor hurry

Vikings and planners
You don't give a toss
They come and they go
You're still the boss.

pmm sietedejulio

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