Friday, May 12, 2017

No longer

No longer

Taking for granted, the air that we breathe
Taking for granted, the simplest of deeds
Now we must pause, for time has run out
Last drinks in the bar, were finished last night.

We envy the old woman, walking with ease
We envy the couple, unaware of this  moment
They saunter along, enjoying shared minutes
They breathe without effort, the simplest of things.

For then the simplest is no longer for sale,
The familiar recedes before our eyes,
While the whole world spins without a care
And heaven weeps a silent tear.

To return

To return

To return to the mother's womb
Through death to pass again
From whence we came
Without fears or tears.

Noli timere - 'do not fear'
Embrace the eternal space
Breathe in the galactic breath
Exhale the distant stars.

Atoms flying through the universe
In mysterious symmetry
Surfing with divine geometry
To be and to about to be.

To believe is to welcome
Sleeping naked in God's light
Embracing time and space
Dissolving in divine delight.

Nada te turbe,
Rest in God's hand
The race is run
From raging sea to dry land

The cycle's come
Full circle and we
Join all of creation
In ecstatic mystery.

Jump or fall
Submerge or rise
One question remains
Vade mecum?

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Norman Way

Walking slowly along the Norman Way, Co. Wexford.

I ambled down the leafy lane
Listening to the songs of birds
And slowed awhile to marvel
At nature's brimming treasures.

Free to all who stopped a mo
To drink the charm and sip the fragrance
Of wild wallflowers in a riot
And bluebells tumbling down old walls
In glorious confusion.

Let the ambience sink in
From  whistles and from cries
Of spring time birdies
Calling from all sides.

The pigeons cooed
And blackbirds shouted
Above the melody
Of thrush and blackbird.

Beside St. Catherine's church
Along the Norman way
Eight centuries lie in ruins
By a well kept cemetery.

Old Wexford secrets peeping out
From garlic and from undergrowth
Ancient stones stand slanted
Like aging sentries in their boxes

We who are still alive salute you
Your stories live on in churches
And through age-old cemeteries,
Witness to a half-forgotten century.

The here and now

The here and now

I love this precious moment
This very special minute
I live this now and present
So priceless and so intimate.

It's only now and near me
A second lasts infinity
It's now and forever
Savored eternally.

I'm happy here

I'm happy here

I'm happy here
To greet one flower at a time
To kiss its petals gently
Embracing it eternally.

Gone are the days
Of restless travel
And times misspent
In noisy stations -

Temples to our fear
Stoking our need to flee
The here and now
For greener hills.

Stationed in a sacred space
Tethered to our spirits home
The infinite in unity
Ecstasy is simplicity.

Fear no more competing colors
Relax your ears from many sounds
Draw closer to the one and only
The trusted and the homely.

Less is more

Less is more

A poem with a single verse
Is all I can remember
For me there's nothing worse
Than stanzas never ending.
A line once learned in school
A constant friend, a lifelong tool.

The poetry that stays with me
Is just a line or three
Enough for me a simple thought
A prize for life once caught.

Keep the flipping poem small
Four neat lines should tell it all
In forty years from now
It's all you can recall.

Why did I mention it all?
Why didn't I stay stum?
Why did I blabber on?
I cannot quite recall!

It's easy tripping a poor man
When already down
He seems the useless loser
But guess who is the clown.

To speak no evil from a pure heart
To wish him well puts you apart
From clever jokes and smirks
In purity true greatness lurks.

How deep does kindness go?

How deep does kindness go?

How deep does kindness go?
Out from his lips, down to his toes?
Or does it end as quick as light?
Does darkness make his soul take flight?

Are we Complex beings, confusing souls
Growing in virtue as age takes its toll?
Or do we become fearful and conniving?
Generosity that dries on the surface of living?

The answer as always
Is not black or white
It varies through ages
But hope leads our fight

How dep
Was she always unobtainable?

Was she always unobtainable?
It ever seemed so.
Always perhaps the wrong time
Or maybe the wrong year
First it's you, then it's her
Never a way to bring it further.

Courageous and timid, you lost her
You should have moved slower and faster
She belongs to another one now
Yet hope springs forever somehow.

Oh! how it might have been
When she entered on your scene
Doubting how she might respond
You ducked and dived on the pond
Whose currents led to safety
And out of danger and love
Safe and foolish above!

Yes! Fortune favors the brave
A coward he cannot save
Nothing to fear but fear
Was it too much to say
I'm head over heels in love?
With you.