Monday, May 1, 2017

The Norman Way

Walking slowly along the Norman Way, Co. Wexford.

I ambled down the leafy lane
Listening to the songs of birds
And slowed awhile to marvel
At nature's brimming treasures.

Free to all who stopped a mo
To drink the charm and sip the fragrance
Of wild wallflowers in a riot
And bluebells tumbling down old walls
In glorious confusion.

Let the ambience sink in
From  whistles and from cries
Of spring time birdies
Calling from all sides.

The pigeons cooed
And blackbirds shouted
Above the melody
Of thrush and blackbird.

Beside St. Catherine's church
Along the Norman way
Eight centuries lie in ruins
By a well kept cemetery.

Old Wexford secrets peeping out
From garlic and from undergrowth
Ancient stones stand slanted
Like aging sentries in their boxes

We who are still alive salute you
Your stories live on in churches
And through age-old cemeteries,
Witness to a half-forgotten century.

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