Monday, May 29, 2017

Jesus and Buddha

Smiling Jesus

If Buddha and Jesus were friends 
They would smile upon meeting
Exchange a man hug greeting
Share a meal as the day ends. 

Rising early next morning
Jesus is praying while Buddha is sitting
Awaiting the dawning

Both in love with mankind
Sharing compassion with healing
Feasting and fasting in turns

Sadly the friendship is cut short
By a death Jesus would want to abort
No pleasure for him in the pain
Or the agony of the cross. 

But happy their deaths do not define 
Their teaching of love and of care
Far outlives the mortal coil they shared. 

So when I think of Jesus at table
Through his broad smile I am able
To see his friend Buddha
And his humanity. 

Though he died on a cross
He lived smiling and most
Of his time was spent laughing with friends
On the winding paths of Galilee. 

So people of God in your chapel
Along with cross put the table
Where Jesus broke bread every evening
Loving the good world that god gave him. 

Many people wrote the Bible

Many people wrote the Bible
Some were busy, some were idle
Caring God managed the odd look in
Though many were obsessed with sin.  

Some were happy, some were sad
A few were sane but most were mad 
It wasn't easy for a God
Who gave men freedom and allowed
The freedom to describe the indescribable. 

He must have smiled and laughed at times
When we described in terms of human 
The infinite and the eternal. 

Some humbly closed their books and prayed
At the awesome world that God
 had made 
While others faked the drawing plans
With silly stories that were man's. 

Why would authors go to trouble 
Describing God in a bubble?
When all that's needed to encounter 
Is sea or sky or solemn mountain ?

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