Monday, May 1, 2017

Less is more

Less is more

A poem with a single verse
Is all I can remember
For me there's nothing worse
Than stanzas never ending.
A line once learned in school
A constant friend, a lifelong tool.

The poetry that stays with me
Is just a line or three
Enough for me a simple thought
A prize for life once caught.

Keep the flipping poem small
Four neat lines should tell it all
In forty years from now
It's all you can recall.

Why did I mention it all?
Why didn't I stay stum?
Why did I blabber on?
I cannot quite recall!

It's easy tripping a poor man
When already down
He seems the useless loser
But guess who is the clown.

To speak no evil from a pure heart
To wish him well puts you apart
From clever jokes and smirks
In purity true greatness lurks.

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