Monday, May 29, 2017

The altar boy

The altar boy

The incense filled the morning air 
His long soutane and rebel hair
He gave reply in Latin verse 
His simple soul felt it might burst
With happiness. 

So very young and yet so wise
He sensed an unhurried peace
In the old priest's eyes. 

A life of quiet prayer and contentment 
What more could young men wish 
Following a higher pitch?

Heaven met earth
And time stood still
His young clear eyes 
Beheld eternity. 

White starched surplices
Black shiny shoes
Heads bowed in humble adoration 
Happy in unchanging faith. 

Faith of our fathers
Standing straight in pews
That filled to overflowing 

Faith of our mothers 
Cleaning, sweeping, toiling 
endless, endless cups of tea 
Look, on the stove the water's boiling. 

Not for them the shops of London 
Not for them the break or pause
Martha's sisters fret and spin
Serenely for their faithful cause. 


Only the insane
Are the truly sane
In this mad savage world 
Of contradictions. 

At the end of a bough
Not knowing how 
A friend saws the branch 
Just imagine our surprise. 

We come tumbling down 
Like a silly old clown 
We couldn't doubt our fate
Just a question of how late 

So it's not if - but when 
This world we borrowed
Comes crashing below. 
Tomorrow's no show. 

We've locked them all up
Lest we half hear the truth
That we're wearing the world thin
As we promise 'just one more spin'. 

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