Saturday, March 25, 2017

I told you I was sick
I've been saying it for years
But would you bloody listen?
Not a little bit!

Permit me now some salty tears
For complaining all my life
I knew t'would likely end like this
I even told the wife.

I think I'll give a miss though
To doctors visits now
They couldn't  even bother
Though it's fifty years ago.
For fifty years I warned 'em
For fifty years they missed 'em
The tell tale signs and more.  

Not a bit of notice taken
Though I've suffered ev'ry sore
Known to man and more -
They're just a load of chancers
Without a single answer
I knew I wasn't feeling very well
'Bout sixty year ago
But would they bloody listen?
The simple answer's 'no'.

I'll waste away and die now
Aged tender ninety three
I'd  go and bloody sue them
If they hadn't gone and died
Some years ahead of me!!!

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