Thursday, April 6, 2017

Frank McDonagh RIP

The boats are bobbing now in warm Puertito Bay
As silently his body lies in church in far Portroe.
Two thousand miles and many shores apart.
And yet I sense his spirit in the tide
That surges spumy o'er the polished stones
His spirit lives with every tide
That ebbs and flows on every sea.

Burial awaits beside his faithful Maeve
Who waited nine long years even to the day
To lie together above Lough Derg
That feeds the ocean and the spring tide
That washes up on these very shores.

It is to sunnier lands that Frank departed
Take down the sail now the gentle harbor's won
Returned a son to his eternal maker
Reward to him who toiled till later.

A gentle and a funny soul
That touched each heart he came upon
With wistful tales of human hope and folly
Of bygone days now only half remembered
Of a world long gone
And actors far departed
The empty stage
Still echoes with our laughter.

Peace at last!
Anchored at eternal rest
They're laughing now
In heaven's parlour!

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