Monday, October 2, 2017

Autumnal sunshine

Autumn sunshine

The yellow leaves are blowing
Across the station wall
And down the railroad tracks
A north wind to their backs

Young men still wearing tee shirts
Old women dressed in shawls
We exit red brick houses
To the sea that opens wide

Autumnal waves race along the bay
The sea a greeny blue
Broken with white spray 
Of waves that race from Howth
To Bray. 

Out of the shadows the golden sun
Kisses boys and girls
Who tumble out of school
With angel faces and golden haloes.  

Light and shade, heat and cold
Arm wrestle for control
And autumn makes heat the winner
For another week or more. 

Delicious, honeyed, autumn moments
Sweeter for their brevity
Leafy riots of color
Yellow, brown and orange. 

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