Monday, March 26, 2018

El Puertito 18.00 hours 

Have I died and gone to heaven?
Or am I still in Tenerife?
In Paradise with whitened domes
Which we name our second home. 

The sun is setting on a Saturday 
Crowning a November evening. 
Puertito  is still abuzz
As tourists come and go. 

Mixing with the locals at the bar
That nestles by the sea
Above a pretty beach
We’ll have a beer or three. 

Young and old enjoy the pleasures
Of simple seaside games 
Nature gives and lavishes
Her gifts to all for free

Little dogs and children 
Frolic in the spray
The world is young and life is simple
Along Puertito Bay. 

The boats are floating on a silver sea
The sun is slowly setting
The earth just holds its breath
Serenely for peace is settling. 

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