Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A life of uneven halves

A life of  uneven halves. 

You're running, running up life's hill
It's hell for leather, going for a kill. 
One day soon you'll reach the summit
From now it's downhill, blast and damnit. 

You've been looking up, straining madly
To reach the goal you want so badly
And now you've got it, so now what?
With the rest of life that God forgot 

To tell you now the rules have changed
Better slow down or you'll be maimed
Or even worse, meet your end
A lot sooner that you might intend. 

Life's a game of unfair halves 
The first is fun, but the beach now shelves. 
A life for spending is now for hoarding
Stashing minutes in your wardrobe 

Filled with pills and prescribed potions
To extend a life now filled with caution
It's a long time since you read the ticket
It's one way mate, you can't exchange it. 

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