Friday, September 22, 2017

Weep not for me

Weep not for me

Weep not for me 
Oh daughters of Jerusalem
Sitting high in SUV's
With glasses riding high
On furrowed brows
Above the cheekbones
Applied with rouge and blusher. 

Weep for your children
Who will choke on diesel fumes 
Of needless cars on needless journeys
To school and gym
And in between 

Weep for the future
For it lies behind you 
In all the stuff you bought
And never wore 
For all the rotting food
Bought in the store

Without a care
For who had grown it
Or delivered it to your door. 
Weep now with salty tears
Of desperation while the tide
Flees your greedy shore. 

Consumed by greed
You ate tomorrow's dinner
Intended for your children
And wore next winters clothes in summer

All it takes is ten just women
To point us in the right direction
We who follow can turn around
Our hopeless plight. 

Perhaps it's not too late 
Perhaps the chiming clock
Has stayed its hand from midnight 
And grants us freshly minted minutes. 

We pray. 

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