Tuesday, September 19, 2017

IPhones on a train platform. 

With their back to the sea
It's a mystery
Dublin Bay beckons
But all they reckon
Is to stare at a phone
While pushing buttons
While life goes ahead
All around them. 

Blackrock train station
And the sun is shining
On the September sea
That gleams behind. 

Commuters with furrowed brows
Examining screens
While pushing and swiping
Missing gulls that scream
Wheeling above furrowed waves
Stretching out to handsome Howth. 

Simple beauty blows free
On a crisp autumn breeze. 
Shadows lengthen as summer
Gently retreats across the Dublin hills. 

Taste and touch
Grasp and feel
What is here and now
Clean, pure and free
Magic yet real. 

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