Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Walk the walk

Walk the walk

We  talk the talk 
These days with Skype
But shall we walk
With Christ in service
The quiet paths of Galilee? 

Who will walk the walk
And cross the path to Calvary?
Who dares to break the spell
Of drowning in the ordinary?

It's quiet in the hall  because all have left
Our promises behind on comfy chairs 
And chatter in the corridors 
Following the call to follow. 

Is this it? As many think.  
Or is  it indeed
A rehearsal of some sort. 
A prologue to infinity
But only if we want it. 

Will grace break through on village streets?
Will concrete yield to mercy?
And bright flowers bloom again
Amid decay? 

Are we children of one short second?
Or we do we live forever? 
Do we fail to see the stars
Because of city lights?  
Too bright to see? 

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