Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Quiet Quaker Meeting

Quiet Quaker Meeting

The meeting is slowly centring down
Sunday morning in leafy Monkstown
A silence fills the quiet void 
My eyes wander towards the tree outside
That frames the window in the sky

Sitting and waiting for the Spirit to whisper
At times it's wonderful but mostly it's littler 
But it's honest and equal and ever so caring
At times quite somber yet oft entertaining. 

We come here to worship
And pray without knowing
What effect it will have
On a world that is growing
Apart every day. 

Whatever about prayers 
At times  actions speak louder
Is it the social justice
Of which we are prouder?

With an eye for the poor,
The distressed and the maimed
With a passion for causes
That receive no acclaim. 
But humble and worthy 
All the same. 

Then comes the coffee
The tea and the chat
The friendly smile 
And occasional pat. 

With always an eye
For those who are absent
Though illness or old age
It's uncommonly decent. 

Slowly the room drains
All that remains
Is the sudsy wash up
By the regular crew 
Always the reliable few. 

Come to me you who washed and dried
You who catered and you who served
The coffee and the tea 
For in feeding them
You were feeding me. 


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